Destructive weld testing, as the name suggests, involves the physical destruction of the completed weld in order to evaluate its characteristics. This method of testing is used frequently for a number of applications. Some of these applications include welding procedure qualification and welder performance qualification testing, sampling inspection of production welds, research inspection, and failure analysis work. A number of destructive weld testing methods are used to determine weld integrity or performance. Typically they involve sectioning and/or breaking the welded component and evaluating various mechanical and/or physical characteristics Capacity.

Our destructive testing methods include the following:

destructive-weld-testingTensile Testing up to 1000kn (100 tons). Uts, Yield, Proof Stress, Elongation, Reduction of Area.
Bend testing
Fracture testing
Shear testing
Proof load testing
Hardness Testing
Vickers, Brinnel, Rockwell
Impact Machines
Charpy and Izod testing from ambient temperature to -50ᵒc
ASTM and European Specifications Metallurgical Laboratory

Macro and micro structure examination